Born and raised in North East Florida, Stephen Quinn is a 25 year old Nashville Recording Artist. Finishing in the top 50 of American Idols 2018 season; Stephen has also won numerous local musical awards. He enjoys dedicating his time and talent to supporting local charities and organizations, his favorite way to do so is by performing the National Anthem. He was invited to sing at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 2019 and for the Savannah Bananas in 2023.

Stephen Quinn’s first single “Fallin for You” was released in 2018. His second single “Get it Girl” was also released in 2018, which he later recorded his first music video for in 2022. “Finding Me”, Stephen’s first EP was released in 2019 and includes his first two singles along with others. His latest single, “Angel Baby”, was recorded and released in 2022. This song is dedicated to his Sister-in-Law and other Mothers who experienced the loss of a baby.

Stephen Quinn continues to pursue his dream performing and releasing music. He is currently working on exciting updates to be announced soon.

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